About Abhishek Bhatia

Abhishek completed his undergraduate studies in Information Technology at University School of Information and Communication Technology, GGSIPU in 2015. Since then he has worked as Research Assistant at Emergent and Autonomous Systems Lab under Prof. Sachit Butail, IIIT Delhi and as a Project Assistant under Prof. Jayadeva at IIT Delhi. He currently a graduate student at the Computer Science Department in Columbia University, NY, USA.

Abhishek has had a unique interdisciplinary research exposure to AI systems. His projects range from designing artificially intelligent autonomous systems that operate in varied setups, all the way to studying common emergent phenomena in natural systems. He has published 5 research papers in the field of complex systems, artificial intelligence and statistical inference. He is currently working on Deep Reinforcement Learning applications for Natural Language Processing and General-game Playing. He is also enthusiastic about open-source tools and frequently contributes to many open-source projects.

(He does not usually refer to himself in the third-person.)

Contact: abhigenie92 AT gmail DOT com